Saturday, 26 September 2009


This is a story that, as J R R Tolkien would say, grew in the telling. It started life as a weekly creative writing exercise, called a Wordzzle. Click Raven's Nest and look at Rave's Wordzzle posts to get the idea.

Anyway, it started out as a bit of Saturday silliness. I wrote one episode, then another and, before you know it, it demanded a real story with proper characters and plots - which I am now in the process of creating.

Because Wordzzles are, by nature quite brief, the early episodes are very short, but as we go on they get a bit longer and more detailed. Because I have to include Raven's set words each week, there are a few twists and contortions.

Anyhoo, please read the "Story so Far" post, if you want to get up to speed without reading the whole thing.

Comments are welcomed - even rude ones!

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